What is XLS2CSV Converter?

XS2CSV Converter is an application that is capable of converting a batch of Microsoft® Office Excel® files to comma-delimited files without the need for Microsoft® Office. Check out all the features over here!

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  • Excel converter 2.0 update
    It's been a while since we posted some news regarding XLS2CSV Converter, so it's a good time to give some details on our current focus. 

    We are currently working on version 2.0 of Excel converter and are halfway its development.
    The most important changes compared to the previous 1.x version include:
    • completely re-implemented XLS2CSV Converter in C# thereby removing dependencies with external DLLs and AutoIt
    • use of a new conversion engine (NPOI) which gives us more control and allows for more conversion options and eliminates the need for the Microsoft Access Database components
    here for more information on NPOI!

    The application name will be updated to Excel Converter because we plan to introduce new features after version 2.0 that are not restricted to the CSV output format, but also include smarter ways to construct data for output to html, sql, xml, ... and eventually a reverse conversion from a fixed file or csv file format to Excel.

    We still have some work ahead of us adding all existing options but it will be worth the wait and our current test results are looking very positive.

    Come back regularly for more updates!

    Posted Apr 12, 2015, 10:29 AM by GenX Crowd
  • Some more information on the aggregate statistics
    We are getting an increasing amount of questions related to the statistics that we collect through the use of our application.
    Important to know is that we use this information to learn how our application is used and what quality it delivers in the field with the goal to adapt it where needed and to improve its performance and that wdo NOT collect personal information such as user name, system name, file-names or content of the files being converted, ...

    In the FAQ you can find out exactly what information we collect and we've also included some dashboards we use to visualize all this information (thanks to Google Analytics).
    Posted Feb 10, 2015, 11:23 AM by GenX Crowd
  • XLS2CSV Converter 1.5.2

    Today we release another minor update with some useful enhancements:
    • Added option to skip conversion of empty rows
    • Tweaked the engine settings to better handle cells with more than 255 characters (no longer truncated).
    Note that it is important to update to the latest version of XLS2CSV Converter as some of the internet resources have been updated. 
    The update checker will no longer be functional with older versions of XLS2CSV Converter.

    Posted Feb 10, 2014, 11:40 AM by GenX Crowd
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